Safari2Go to make travel more accessible
Safari2Go to make travel more accessible

Safari2Go to make travel more accessible

Agency to start accepting bookings this month
Powered by Gondwana Collection Namibia, Safari2Go hopes to establish an inclusive, comprehensive platform.
Ellanie Smit
Safari2Go - a Namibian online travel agency – is set to make Namibian travel accessible to a digitised world and give its clients the opportunity to design their own Namibian journeys.

This brand-new online travel agency was introduced to Namibian accommodation suppliers on 23 February and will be launched to the public in March to accept its first customer bookings.

It is powered by Gondwana Collection Namibia, and was designed by WildWeb with the support of Gondwana’s business intelligence and marketing teams.

Safari2Go hopes to establish an inclusive, comprehensive platform to which any tourism partner can sign up and join the journey of Namibians bringing Namibia to the world.

“Online travel is currently a US$433 billion industry. It has 66% revenue share of the global travel and tourism market. We see a trend that holds limitless potential,” Safari2Go manager Steny Watermeyer said.

“We have noticed the need for accommodation offerings, for both large and emerging small-scale enterprises, to have access to a direct market, not undercut by massive commission structures. With this platform, our aim is to offer an encompassing solution that offers the establishments easy sign-up and usability, convenience and personalised profiles and product pages.”

Safari2Go aims to give travellers a choice of the best Namibian accommodation while also offering a car rental booking page and guidance on popular routes and destinations to round off the perfect self-drive itinerary.

Accommodation suppliers are currently in the process of signing up to the platform by creating their own company profiles. Safari2Go pulls availability via NightsBridge, and forwards all booking revenue to the supplier - minus a reasonable commission, the company said in a statement.


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