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FNB Namibia offerings excite at Tourism Expo

Staff Reporter - FNB Namibia continues to take an active role in supporting the tourism sector towards exceeding its pre-Covid glory.

Investing again in Namibia Media Holdings’ (NMH) Tourism Expo is a perfect platform for tourism industry players and ancillary businesses – often SMEs - to showcase products, services, and activities, while also taking the opportunity to celebrate Namibia’s rich diversity and culture and bringing people together from across the country.

“Namibians enjoying Namibia is a great advertisement for tourism,” says Hileni Amadhila, FNB Namibia communications specialist, adding: “Namibians are our best country ambassadors.”

This year, FNB Namibia’s commercial division, in support of its tourism clients and tourism in general, collaborated with NBL 50/50 to finance ‘tourism cashback vouchers’ to the tune of N$500 000.

The general public have had an opportunity to win a voucher through a number of competitions and will continue to stand a chance to win at the expo itself until Saturday. Each voucher, valued at N$1 000, offers the winner the encouragement to book at a local tourism partner to receive this discount for accommodation.

With 500 potential bookings heading the way of local participating lodges, and happy winners set to properly holiday ‘at home’ this year, tourism figures are already looking significantly better than last year and will certainly welcome the extra homegrown boost from their business partner, FNB Namibia.

As a main sponsor and an exhibitor at the Expo, FNB Namibia is offering a variety of products and services that will benefit businesses as well as individuals by providing simple and secure banking solutions that complement customers’ lifestyles.

One such product is the FNB Global Account, which is an innovative way to help customers save and transact in a foreign currency. The three currencies available are the US dollar, the British pound and the euro.

“We are here to help with travel solutions that take care of all customer forex requirements. Using the Swift method of transfer, our global payment and global receipt solutions are easy, more secure and hassle free, ensuring that sending or receiving money from abroad is a seamless process. You can get this and more with our Global Account for a minimum opening balance of N$5 000,” says Neville Ntema, FNB Namibia FXPH head.

Additionally, customers can also get information on how to make payments to anywhere in the world with forex on App, which is an online platform that allows cross-border transfers of local and foreign currencies.

This service can be used by individual clients (single authorisation) making cross-border transfers of local and foreign currencies. Benefits of forex on App include easy access to forex services from mobile device, personalised customer experience and convenient banking for both customers and the bank.


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