Give me Namibia’s unemployment problem and within 3 years I'll give you a 0% unemployment back - Kadhikwa

Twapewa Kadhikwa managed to defy all odds and unlocked her potential as a professional entrepreneur.

23 July 2021 | Mense
Wetumwene Shikage

She was born in Katutura, in a settlement known as Gemeente, which she describes with pride saying that after apartheid during the colonial era, people were moved from the Old Location to Katutura, they were separated according to tribes. “Gemeente was the only place you could find a mixture of all tribes, which I took as an advantage. I speak every language one could find and can relate to many tribes within that community,” she said.

Kadhikwa’s qualifications include an honours degree and bachelor of commerce degree from the University of Namibia (Unam) in 2002 and a diploma in entrepreneurship and innovation from the Galilee International Management Institute (GIMI) in Israel.

She was appointed as a member of the Rössing Foundation board in 2004, founded cosmetology company PEWA Manufacturing in 2004, established and opened Xwama Restaurant in Wanaheda, launched her book ‘Successful Entrepreneurship! 20 Nuggets That Will Propel You To Success’; launched the Olafika SME Development & Mentorship Programme and was awarded African Women Conference Rising Entrepreneur at the African Women Conference in 2018.

The course that had the biggest impact on her was a certificate in transformational leadership from the African Leadership Institute.

Two sides of a coin

“Everyone was expected to become a doctor, lawyer or nurse. Being born in this society was a challenge on its own,” she explained. These expectations did not redirect her vision. Kadhikwa says just like any other profession, she followed her passion and became a professional entrepreneur.

She was able to develop resilience, which helped her to make entrepreneurship the most reliable way to become self-sustainable. “Give me Namibia’s unemployment problem and within three years I'll give you a 0% unemployment back,” said the confident Kadhikwa.

Journey of self-actualisation

Kadhikwa said the best phase of her life does not include a memorable day or a single event. “Becoming the best version of myself has been the best thing ever. This does not only benefit me, it benefits my whole life, my husband as I can be a better a wife, my children as I can be a better mother, and even my employees being a better employer. It takes a lot of work to be your best self, but you need to do it. Nobody can be better on your behalf,” she said.

Inheritance vs Legacy

When asked what advice she has for young aspiring entrepreneurs, Kadhikwa said it is important to find purpose and drive with it. She added that there are two important words which hold meaningful lessons for a great community: “Inheritance is what you leave for others, while legacy is what you leave in others. Use time wisely to achieve realistic and timely goals. Leave a masterpiece which will continue to live on. You are ‘poiema’, you did not land on earth by accident. We must leave this earth, this country and continent better than how we found it.”

10 facts about TK

1. She is a wife and a mother of six children (three biological and three adopted).

2. Loves cycling and running to keep fit, especially during the weekend.

3. Loves to spend quality time with her children.

4. She is god-fearing.

5. Obsessed with finding knowledge.

6. TK has spoken in over 10 countries, assisting entrepreneurs and business leaders.

7. She loves gardening.

8. TK loves to read and learn from different sources.

9. She enjoys farming, including chicken farming.

10. TK starts her weekdays at 04:00 by meditating for two hours.

11. She is a very intimate person with a small circle of friends.



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