Damara and San must also be invited to Germany
Damara and San must also be invited to Germany

Damara and San must also be invited to Germany

Mandy Rittmann
Metusalem Neib writes:

The Cross – cultural Trust of Namibia­ (CCTN) requests the German special envoy Mr. Ruprecht Polenz and Namibia''s special envoy Dr. Zed Ngavirue to also arrange a journey to the Federal Republic of Germany on behalf of the Damara and San people massacred in the Herero and Nama uprisings in 1904.

Many young Damara and San men were used by Germans and the leaders of the Herero and Nama as soldiers and were horribly killed between 1904 and 1908 and the Damara evolved alongside the Nama. The final battle was fought at the Waterberg Plateau in August 1904 and it saw the deaths of thousands due to hunger and starvation.

CCTN research has recovered these issues from the author Jan-Bart Gewald, whom in Herero Heroes 1890-1923 states as follows on page 205: ". . . until at least the mid-1980s, the German military graveyards at the Waterberg contained a gravestone in remembrance of the Herero and Damara soldiers who fought alongside the Germans in the battle at Hamakari and the war as a whole."

In The Genocide of the Herero War, Kara Allen states that many Herero and Nama were consistently, relentlessly and brutaly killed as well as one third of the Damara who had not joined in the uprising. Also refer to author Williams D. Rubinstein.

To redress colonial genocide under International Law the Herero claim reparations because of the effect on the Herero Nations, e.g. Dreschler, supra note Jan-Bart Gewald. According to the California Law Review (Volume 93:1155 colonial rule) the Damara could also sue the German governments for their slaughter during the German–Herero war (page 13).

Research shows that the San people suffered particularly due to genocide from 1912 to 1915 in Southwest Africa/Namibia.

CCTN is ready and will delegate people to represent the traditional authorities of the Hai-//om clan of the San, the !Oe-#an clan of the Damara of Okombahe, the Daures clan of the Damaras of Uis, as well as other Damaras and San in the Federal Republic of Germany.


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