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The Zone team visited the University of Namibia (Unam) to ask students how they viewed the registration process.
Janet Kock

This has been a daunting registration experience; it has been terrible as I switched courses. However, I never received my provisional acceptance, even though it showed on the system. I have been here for the past two weeks trying to secure my spot. The fun part about it, however, is that I got to meet new people and make friends.

Menoo Mahimba

My registration process was very easy and straightforward, as I just came with the NSFAF acknowledgement letter, and they immediately assisted me. It was not difficult at all.

Giovanni Mavuta

It was an easy process because you are taken step by step in order to understand what is actually happening. It was easy, quick, and simple, and I did not have any hiccups.

Tuhafeni Ndenga

The past years that I have been registering with the university have not been difficult; it has been an easy process. However, this year it might be a little different because word on the street is that you will register for the semester with second semester modules.

Bravo Nakapela

The registration process has been great on my end, as the lectures and coordinators in my course (occupational therapy) make sure that we have it easy and do not face a lot of challenges when registering.

Selma Kuua

The registration process was quite long for me, as I was first rejected and then had to fill out an appeal form to get into the course. I feel the process went well, as there were individuals there to help me if I needed any assistance.


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