WHS learners are excited for the new academic year.
WHS learners are excited for the new academic year.

First week back at WHS

Francois Malan
Windhoek High School (WHS) reopened on 11 January. The school welcomed the new grade eight learners from various primary schools. A great number of new learners are really looking forward to the grade eight camp, athletics and the annual interhouse athletics when Swarthaak, Wag-‘n-Bietjie and Kanniedood compete against each other.

They are excited to make new memories at WHS. Many grade eight learners are also looking forward to tackling different subjects from those they had in primary school.

On the other hand, our grade nine learners are very excited for the coming year. One of the learners, Anita de Waal, is looking forward to participate in the hockey season as well as choir and the annual musical taking place this year.

The grade 10 learners are thrilled because they chose their new subjects for the coming year. Part of this group is Hein de Villiers, who wants to participate in the outreaches Voice of Hope is offering.

The grade 11 learners are preparing themselves for the coming year as it is bound to be a hard one for them. They need to work extremely smart in order to qualify for the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level in the following year.

The most excited are the AS learners. They look forward to their final year at WHS, which is going to be an academically tough year. Besides looking forward to Senjol, Valedictory Day and the Watermelon Festival is Judith du Bruyn, who said her academics are on top of her list of priorities for this year.

WHS wishes them all the best for the year 2023.


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