The good, the bad and the ugly of 2018

04 December 2018 | Mense
Everyone deserves a break after the rollercoaster 2018 draws to an end. Award-winning philanthropist, mother and entertainer Lize Ehlers chats to June Shimuoshili on why the festive season is necessary and how she plans to spend hers.

How would you describe this time of the year in a sentence?

Christmas is family time, resting time but mostly reflecting time.

How has the year 2018 been for you?

Challenges followed challenges but it was a year of great choices and solutions for me in my career, growth and family. I am very happy and very thankful for it all.

You are family oriented, do you believe family plays a role in your success and how?

Family is my foundation, without the love and support of my husband, kids, siblings, friends and fans; I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am very grateful to those who carried me through 2018.

What are your 2018 best and worst moments?

There were so many little and big victories this year, but winning the Diamond Award at the Simply You Magazine Fashion and Lifestyle Awards was an incredible evening filled with love and respect. I must say nothing comes close to my little breakaway moments into the desert with my husband and kids with open skies and crackling fires. The worst would be the gender-based violence in our Namibian society had my stomach turning and tears flowing. I wish we could have a solution that is attainable and sustainable.

How do you ensure safety for your family whilst traveling and at home during the festive season?

Safety first! Drive sober and safely. Sleep if you are tired; don’t take on a journey in a fatigued state, rather pull over and sleep for a bit then continue your journey in a refreshed spirit. Also don’t rush. I see a lot of people take on journeys when they are already late, so they drive fast and that rush is the problem. We drive with locked doors and rolled up windows, and it is sad, that we are not as free as we used to be, but it is imperative that we are vigilant. I use pepper spray when going out and it sounds so terrible, but sadly we need to protect ourselves.

What are your holiday plans?

Home is where the heart is. Either in the pool or the Jacuzzi, but a lot of water and a lot of baking will be in our festive plans. We used to travel a lot during the holidays and we would return more exhausted. Now we cherish being at home and having quality time together.

Do you work during the festive season?

I sometimes work during the festive season. I always have a lyric being written down or a poem that needs to be penned, so I switch off but never completely. Does any creative ever switch off? Thank goodness that the bulk of my planning happens a bit earlier than Xmas so that next year can start with a bang.

What message do you have for your fans for the holidays and the end of the year?

Please keep safe and don’t drink and drive. Please write your loved ones a letter from the heart and tell them how much they mean to you. Take a deep breath this Christmas and know that giving can be done in a form of a hug or time spent. Don’t go into debt because of Christmas, it is a just a label. The season however is not a label, family time is family time, and this time is precious and needed, make the most of it because you never know what tomorrow will look like. Merry Christmas from my family and I. All the best for a happy and peaceful new year.



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