The adrenaline-pumping New Mégane R.S. is here!

Unrivalled in its class

22 August 2018 | Motors
The New Mégane R.S. was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2017, and it is with pride that Renaults now offers this magnificent R.S. model with its range. Aiming to become – like its predecessors – a benchmark in the C-segment hot hatch market, this third generation of Mégane R.S. is packed full of Renault Sport expertise and passion.

Driven by its powerful design and focused on performance, the New Mégane R.S. makes no attempt to hide its motorsport pedigree, offering outstanding driving pleasure on the road and on the track. Enhancements over the previous generation ensure the New Mégane R.S is unrivalled in its class:

· A chassis combining efficiency, agility, stability and comfort, equipped with the 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system and four hydraulic bump stop shock absorbers;

· A new generation 1.8-litre turbo engine, delivering 205kW and 390Nm thanks to the development work jointly carried out by engineers from Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing;

· State-of-the-art technological features, such as R.S. vision and Multi-sense.

· Two R.S. model versions will be available: Megane R.S. CUP Manual and Megane R.S. LUX EDC.

Since the first generation of Mégane R.S. was released in 2003, greater performance and more technology has been a constant, offering improved driving pleasure without sacrificing the car’s versatility for everyday use. Launched in 2009, Mégane III R.S. has become a genuine icon.

“We’re proud to have managed to produce a car with improved cornering efficiency, largely due to the introduction of 4CONTROL. The system improves both agility on tight corners and stability on fast bends, on the road and on the track. Drawing on the brand’s vast motorsport heritage, New Renault Mégane R.S. has been designed by people who are passionate about cars for people who love to drive. Its versatility also makes it perfectly suited to everyday use,” says Patrice Ratti, managing director of Renault Sport Cars.

“After having been involved in the development process during 2017, I’m very proud to be the ambassador for New Renault Mégane R.S. I had the opportunity to drive the car at various racetracks – Monaco, Montlhéry and Spa-Francorchamps – and I was impressed by the efficiency of the latest on-board technologies. The 4CONTROL system is a dream come true for every driver looking for efficiency, since it improves both the agility and the stability of the car. It’s a shame that four-wheel steering systems are banned in Formula 1!” says Nico Hülkenberg, Renault Sport Formula One Team driver and Renault Sport Cars ambassador.

Fifteen years on

Expanding Renault's sports car range, Mégane II R.S. was unveiled at the 2003 Frankfurt Motor Show. It hit the roads and showrooms the following year, boasting a powerful 225hp engine and already featuring independent steering-axis front suspension. A Trophy version, equipped with a more radical chassis, was released in 2005. Two years later, the F1 Team R26 – which paid tribute to Renault's World Championship titles – introduced limited slip differential.

The Mégane II R.S. adventure concluded in style in 2008 with the limited edition R26.R. A staggering 123kg lighter, it broke the lap record for a production car with a time of 8:17 on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife.

The third generation of Mégane picked up the baton in 2009, with a 250hp engine and an even more distinctive, muscular look with the introduction of the F1-style blade on the front bumper. Until 2016, the career of Mégane III R.S. evolved through the release of limited editions and stylistic changes. In 2011, the Trophy version, with its new 265hp engine, impressed with a new lap record at the Nürburgring (8:07.97).

Times improved further with the 275 Trophy and the Trophy-R (2014). Driving this last version, Laurent Hurgon dipped under the eight-minute mark on the Nordschleife, setting a third record with a time of 7:54.36.

More than 53 000 cars from the first two generations of Mégane R.S. were sold in Europe, as well as in Japan, Australia, South Africa and beyond.

Design also means performance

With expressive and sporty styling, the New Mégane R.S. has been designed to deliver performance, right down to the very last detail. The specific body sides mean that the wings have been widened by 60mm at the front and 45mm at the back (in comparison to the Mégane GT). With the ride height lowered by 5 mm compared with Mégane GT and new 18- or 19-inch wheels, these new proportions make the car naturally more aggressive.

This powerful design is boosted by a number of features taken from the world of motorsport, which immediately place the New Mégane R.S. in the high-performance category, namely;

· A wide air intake in the front bumper that incorporates the F1-style front blade, a hallmark of Renault Sport styling that reflects the brand's involvement in Formula 1. The blade's Gun Metal Grey satin-finish colour contrasts with the brilliant shine of the bodywork;

· A 3D honeycomb-pattern grill mesh reinterpreted by Renault Sport;

· Sculpted, sensual body sides inherited from the design of Renault Mégane are accentuated by the wider front and rear tracks;

· Wing-mounted air extractors, which optimise air flow through the wheel arches;

· A side sill establishes a link between the front and the rear, the black blade of which evokes the undertray of a Formula 1 car;

· A redesigned, narrower rear spoiler to improve aerodynamic performance. Whilst emphasising the width of the car, the vertical vents contribute to aerodynamic efficiency by providing improved lateral air flow;

· A rear bumper with a built-in diffuser and the iconic central exhaust that has come to epitomise Mégane R.S., enhanced by a decorative trim;

· Improved efficiency of the diffuser compared with the previous generation. Whilst boosting the sporty feel of the design, this aerodynamic component helps to increase downforce;

· The Brembo® brake callipers are painted red on the Cup chassis for instant recognition to enthusiasts.

The New MÉGANE R.S. also stands out with an emblematic colour: Tonic Orange, which supplements the palette of Renault Sport colours. Like Sirius Yellow, this new colour has been specifically developed for a vibrant finish and unique reflective effects, highlighting the profile of the car. – Quickpic



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