Still early days but already making a huge impact

Never a dull day at work

11 September 2020 | Mense

Laurencia Prinzonsky was born and bred in Windhoek and grew up in a one-bedroom home with her mom and late father, six older brothers and one late sister.

She completed her secondary education at Eldorado Secondary School and then went straight to the Polytechnic of Namibia (now the Namibian University of Science and Technology) and completed a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Before joining Sanlam, Prinzonsky worked for the MM Group (Momentum Metropolitan), in the marketing department, where she was responsible for coordinating internal communications and branding, coordinating and executing company brand promotion activities (e.g. managing trade fairs, marketing events, and other company events) and CSI, procuring promotional items and providing necessary assistance to the marketing manager in all activities about brand building and communication.

She is now the marketing and communications consultant at Sanlam Namibia. Her principal responsibilities are to assist the marketing manager and general manager (GM) in the execution of all marketing initiatives and campaigns.

She has been at Sanlam for nine months now. “When I joined Sanlam, I decided not to expect too much but have an open mind about what might happen during my first three or six months,” she says.

Prinzonsky decided to take what came her way and learn from it and that is what she has been doing, learning a lot.

“I am responsible for the implementation of brand management and corporate identity decisions, maintaining and updating of the website and social media instruments, undertaking media analysis and reporting, assisting with the execution of advertising and promotional programmes, assisting with the implementation of social responsibility programmes,” she says.

Prinzonsky also provides support to the educational awareness campaigns and assists with the implementation of direct marketing programmes, providing support to the financial advisor's programmes, and effective execution of planned public relations activities.

Because she takes care of their social media (including our WhatsApp groups) as well as the marketing service email address, her priority is to check on all our social media platforms. “With social media, especially Facebook, there’s no rest we try and respond to requests and complaints as they come in. Then if I have no scheduled posts, I post the day’s posts,” she says.

She adds that reading newspapers is a daily activity that follows (the Namibian, New Era, Namibian Sun and Republikein) and scrolling through social media platforms to see what might be news that has not been communicated in the newspapers. This is also part of brand tracking and monitoring activities, as well as just keeping updated with current affairs.

From there she checks her outlook inbox and then looks at her to-do list and starts taking on the day. The rest of the day is spent on administration, reporting, budgeting (update budget and arrange for payments for the marketing department suppliers), and any other duties she receives from her line managers, the GM and departments that the marketing department supports.

She adds that the past nine months have been amazing. “I work with great people. Yes, it’s not always hunky-dory, but the good outweighs the not-so-good days and I try and learn from the not-so-good days rather than taking things personally,” she says.

When asked by Careers what the most challenging aspect of this job is, she mentions that Sanlam is a reputable and well-established brand. Making sure Sanlam stays at the top when it comes to social media, new innovative ideas, always being on the ball (eyes and ears open), and not just doing something to say I have done it but to make sure what is done creates an impact and added value to the department and the overall business.



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