Savvy business banking: Single pricing fee choices make sense

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13 July 2020 | Bankwese
Running a business can be stressful. Managing your money shouldn't be.

Does your bank provide you with choices and helpful banking solutions by devising flexible charge structures on your business accounts? Can you choose which fees option best suits your pocket and banking needs?

From the easily accessible, basic transactional Gold account to the Platinum Business account and the FNB Enterprise account with relationship manager support, your FNB business partnership choice should reflect your range of financial services needs as well as your lifestyle.

You’re on the move, and so should your bank be.


You need options to access your finances via Online Banking for Business, on a Banking App for tablets, and ATMs or as a last resort, even a branch to get the job done. Quick access to funds via Retailers is changing up the game too. You need it, your bank should have it covered.

The FNB Business Account is a core business banking product which offers you the stability of a traditional bank account, along with the flexibility of FNB’s numerous innovative channels to access it in any number of convenient and efficient ways.

“The FNB Business Account is the backbone of your business banking relationship with us, and more than ever, in these times, we take this relationship very seriously,” says Philip Chapman, FNB Namibia commercial banking executive.

“While others might be looking for ways to save themselves, we understand that we are in business together, and for the long haul. Not only have we been visibly supportive during the drought, and the ongoing recession, our recent Covid19 Relief programme has meant a significant helping hand when too many of our clients felt there was nowhere to turn,” Chapman says.

He elaborates: “That’s why in reviewing our pricing structure this year, our support needed to translate to continued real help. A number of our standard fees remain unchanged for the next year, and where reasonably necessary, fees on the business account have been revised only in line with inflation, which as we know is currently lower than it’s been for a number of years. “Savvy business banking, focused fees and real help when customers need it most, is how we believe business in Namibia can stay on course to deliver to the future,” Chapman says.

‘Stable relief’

FNB Namibia’s Single Pricing Fee for business accounts remains unchanged for the year ahead, offering stable relief to those business customers that need to be able to count on banks to not expose them further than the current economic climate has already.

At FNB, Point of Sales swipe fees have been reduced by 20%, and cash deposit fees at CashPlus are free. Even business credit card monthly account fees have remained unchanged, while transfer fees online have halved.

For more information, FNB Namibia’s full Annual Pricing review is available on the / rates / pricing / Pricing Guide Overview



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