Rugby players test waters

06 April 2021 | Sport
Enzo Amuele

Known for being the champions of the Superleague, Windhoek Technical school (HTS) U/19 first team decided that Windhoek Afrikaanse Privaatskool (WAP) would be a good team to play against to test the waters and see if they are fit or not.

The friendly match took place in Windhoek at the home ground of HTS with Covid-19 regulations being adhered to.

Both teams could agree that it was a very pleasing and wonderful game with good speed. HTS was outplayed with a score of 7-56, but they were certainly built up.

HTS also realised what they needed to work on and improve the most.

This included their defence, which they depended on the most in this game, together with their line outs and scrums.

HTS is in a building phase again but it was evident that they are more than capable of taking on their games.

Johan Zayman, the WAP coach, said he was quite impressed as it was their first game of the season.

“I am satisfied, the speed of the game was good. HTS lost a lot of players from last year; I can say we also lost players that is why we changed so many players in the second half to give each and everyone a run.”

According to HTS coach Robert Bezuidenhout, WAP outplayed them.

“We can only build up from this, this match was sort of an eye-opener. We need to look at our defence, line-outs and our scrums because we were outplayed in these scenarios.”

All in preparation for the Desert Festival that takes place in Walvis Bay, both teams look good and ready.

Schools from South Africa and around Namibia will compete in rugby, netball and hockey at the festival.



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