NamiGreen recycles record e-waste

'10 000 computer monitors'

13 February 2020 | Sakenuus
NamiGreen E-Waste, a collaboration between Pehansen and Transworld Cargo, last year recycled 102 000 kg of electronic waste, 104% more than the 50 000 kg in 2018.

“That means NamiGreen recycled the equivalent to 10 000 computer monitors - that is 10 000 computer monitors not ending up in a Namibian landfill,” said the chief executive officer of the local joint-venture, Per Hansen. Hansen attributed the record increase to more awareness among Namibians and companies.

“The company's focus on service, availability and professional handling of e-waste has attracted more clients than previous years. These factors, as well as increased awareness in the Namibian society, the work of organisations like Recycle Namibia Forum and increased governmental focus allowed us to recycle even more e-waste than before.

“All of this would not have happened without the help of all our suppliers, clients, stakeholders and the people involved in our e-waste recycling mission,” Hansen said.

E-waste basically means every electronic device or gadget that no longer works or serves a purpose. Typical items of e-waste include computer monitors, printers, computers, laptops, phones and other electronic household devices, Hansen said.

Recycling is important for the future of any country, he said.

“If we don't want to live in a toxic dump, we need to recycle.”

Free collection

According to Hansen, the majority of all electronic gadgets and devices contain materials that can cause harm to eco-systems, human and animal health as well as pollute drinking and fishing waters if the electronics not recycled properly.

The standard practice in Namibia for many years was to landfill electronic waste. NamiGreen now creates jobs and removes the hazardous materials from the environment, Hansen said.

In 2020, NamiGreen will continue its growth strategy and expects to partner with more cities, companies and citizens to combat the growing amount of e-waste.

They already work with some of largest companies and organisations in Namibia.

“Citizens can easily recycle their used and broken electronics by placing it in one of the e-waste bins we have,” Hansen said.

“We offer companies and organisations a free e-waste collection service, where they simply call us or can go to our website - - and book an e-waste collection online in a few minutes.

“This has been very well received and we expect even more companies to use the service in 2020,” Hansen said.



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