Make education your New Year's resolution in 2017

04 January 2017 | Onderwys
With the holiday season drawing to a close, it is time to focus on the New Year, 2017.

Almost everyone makes some kind of New Year's resolution, even if it is only in your mind. Saying them out loud means that friends and family can call you out when you falter or cheat in mid-­January or abandon the ­resolutions altogether­ by February. However, this year I would urge you to make one promise or ­resolution to yourself and that is to pursue an education.

Resolving to educate yourself further means that you are making a promise to yourself to invest in broadening your knowledge and expanding your intellectual horizons. Staying the course in 2017 and starting to study may lead to improving your position within the company or organisation that you are working for.

Achieve that promotion you have had your eye on, or make the switch to the career or company that you have always dreamed of.

Like all resolutions this takes real commitment and discipline and that is why providing the facilities to make learning and earning degrees as easy as possible is now the trend.

Distance Learning is definitely the way to keep to your commitment that you made to yourself and perhaps your family.

In 2017 technology and the world has changed immensely and Namibia is no different. Everything now is 'on-­demand' and tailored to suit your needs and fit into your lifestyle. Just take Netflix, Uber, Online shopping 24 hours a day and streaming music services like Spotify, playing only the music you want, when you want it as examples. The list is endless and Distance Learning fits into this list as well.

This is where academic institutions like Southern Business School Namibia play an important role. Distance Learning and e-learning are becoming an integral and vital part of the education landscape with many advantages.­ People often don't think and realise that distance learning is a real viable option, providing you choose a properly accredit­ed institution that provides quality education.

There's no more hassle in getting to and from classes or worrying about being late to a class or childcare and work issues. These challenges do not occur with distance learning as you do it all from the comfort of your home, or even if you are traveling or on holiday. So, that is one excuse out the window when it comes to keeping the New Year's resolution of starting to study and earning a qualification.

Modern technology also helps you be disciplined and keep the promise you made to yourself. Internet, e-mail and other forms of technology ensure access to a wealth of up-to-date information for distance students. Motivation, or lack of it, is usually the reason why

resolutions fall by the wayside by mid-February. Through the network that Distance Learning institutions like SBS Namibia provide, you will definitely stay motivated and keep your eye on the prize.

You're not learning in isolation, your network of other students, lecturers and tutors are all online and act as a support structure, everyone is working towards the same goal of achieving academic success. This is all part of the education process in distance learning. There are even dedicated forums and chatrooms online for the students to interact and share ideas.

Life these days is all about con­ve­nience and distance learning makes it as convenient as possible. It's easy to apply and register online for the course of your choosing. There's even a road shows that Southern Business School organises­ twice a year in different places in Namibia. Your course material is sent to you or to a convenient location and exams are written in 15 exam centres across the country. There really is no excuse to not stick to your resolution of getting educated in 2017.

So, make the commitment and tell your friends and family about this resolution and amaze them with actually keeping to your resolutions well passed February and all the way to the conclusion of your course or degree and be rewarded with an accredited degree in one of the many fields of study that SBS Namibia has on offer.

Instead of just talking about doing something positive in 2017, actually it and empower yourself and boost your education and career. Do so at your leisure and when it fits your busy family and or work schedule. Let self-­improvement and education guide your resolutions for 2017.

(Contributed by Albin Jacobs, ­director: Southern Business School.)



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