January is known as the month of financial strain. The Zone visited the city centre and asked young individuals how they are surviving until payday.

14 January 2020 | Menings
Chrizandré Schoonbee

Aside from the complete loss of Christmas cheer, it brings all manner of unpleasantry when it comes to your finances, so I would move back in with my parents and apologise for all the grievances in the past. Do all chores and then move out in February or March.

Jean-Claude Tjitamunisa

If want to survive this month, I avoid going out. One can party again in February. I also suggest you buy food you can cook for at least a week rather than take-aways. Stay home! Even going for a walk is a trap.

Elise Shilunga

Each year we hear complaints of ‘Janu-worry’. It is funny how we make it sound like we are not aware of the month and act as if it is a new thing to us. In my opinion the best way to survive the month is to prepare for it.

Bee Shekudja

The first thing anyone in need of a budget must do is look for ways to cut back. This can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. To survive the longest month, spend money on necessities rather than pleasure.

Cholwe Phiri

You can often save money by opting for store-brand products, and by sticking to what you have on your shopping list. There’s a reason why supermarkets place all the goodies by the tills; they know you’re going to be stuck there, queuing, bored and tempted to pick up chocolates. Pay your rent in advance as well.

Emma Frans

January for me is just another ordinary month. I really do not have issues with it since I prepare myself financially. I know from the beginning that it is always a tough month so it is okay for me.

Bertha Lazarus

January is traditionally a quiet month, with a lot less on the social calendar than December. It’s a good time to review your finances and consider whether you’d be better off switching up your routines. By doing so you could you could save a pretty penny with relatively little effort.

Grace Shuuya

After all the jollification during the holidays come the 100 days of January. Planning ahead will protect you from facing the misery of being broke in January. I would say avoid the pressure to give more than you can afford. Learn to set limits and manage your budget. Do not get so carried away spreading good cheer that you forget that you need to survive in January.

Titus Daka

December is usually bonus month. You can choose to treat yourself with the bonus, while you save a chunk of your actual pay. A vital part of surviving is by reviewing your budget and minimising your spending. One can also use one’s business profits to pay for expenses.

Bekithemba Ncabe

Personally January is just another month for me and surviving it is not the problem. If one spends one’s money wisely during the festive season, January should not be such a big deal.

Desiree Konjore

In December you have to plan properly. If you want to go on vacation, plan it at the beginning of the year. Collecting coupons through purchasing stickers such as the Shoprite system of a red book helps as you don’t have to buy groceries with your current salary.

Florensia Shikufinde

It is common to see people complaining of going broke in January, and some go as far as borrowing from friends and family to survive the month. To avoid this one should create a new budget but, this time, streamline the budget to a certain amount. Ensure that this budget is as real as possible and include only important things.



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