Diva of finesse and fitness

18 June 2021 | Mense
Jeanette Diergaardt

Liezel Ndjaronguru, a 32-year-old businesswoman, allows fitness enthusiasts to bring their best attitude to the table when working out.

In 2013 the owner of Divas Fitness registered her business in the hopes to start her own business, only to have her path temporarily rerouted as an HOD at Virgin Active, Kleine Kuppe. Liezel believes that this has shaped her path to where it is today and was a necessary turn of events that led her to become the person and owner she is today. “I took the opportunity as I knew it was God grooming and preparing me for what was ahead.”

The gym started out as an all-female fitness club and now is a unisex fitness and wellness centre accommodating all genders now known as Divas and Gents fitness.

Liezel’s career started out in the health industry where she began her career as a pharmacist assistant, not knowing where the path will eventually take her. According to Liezel, she has always been very ambitious and knew that she would make something of herself. Her passion has always been the health and fitness industry and being able to follow her path and passion has made her very fortunate.

Although the gym is not completely where Liezel would like it to be, her path as a business owner has been rewarding and satisfying. Although running her own business can be stressful at times, Liezel is still very positive about her path and business and finds owning her own business as very rewarding.

Having your own business may be an accomplishment to many but for Liezel pushing forward and further changing the narrative of her business is what she aspires to do. Liezel would like to see her gym reach the point where it will become an art and lifestyle centre as well as expanding it to become a sport performance centre, which is something they already specialise in.

Making it work

Although starting out and opening a business from scratch was a daunting task, this did not deter Liezel from making a success of her business. Her highlight of running a gym is the fact that she has the opportunity to see people grow, changing lives and seeing people reach their fitness goals. “It is priceless,” says Liezel.

Women Empowerment

Liezel not only focuses on the physical appearance of people but she actively engages women from all walks of life to be better and stronger and to see other women make their dreams a reality. Besides having her gym open from 05:00 to 20:00, Liezel offers more than just gym sessions. In March this year, she hosted an event called The Little Black Dress in collaboration with Letshego Bank which sponsored her. It aimed to empower women in business. Speakers at the event were Ester Kali, CEO of Letshego, and Marlize Marlee, marketing expert. The event was hosted by Ilke Plat from Poiyah Media. “The little black dress symbolises the embodiment of power, self-confidence, strength and sophistication in women,” says Liezel.

Transforming Lives

Besides changing the lives of others to reach their fitness goals, Liezel is also an inspiration to the people who work for her. When asked what type of person Liezel is, Jerome Somseb, one of the personal trainers who work for Liezel, said she is an interesting and motivational person. Her work standards and ethics are quite high and she pushes the team to constantly work hard. Jerome started working with Liezel when the gym moved to Khomas Grove in 2020. Liezel invested in him and paid for his certification to be a qualified personal trainer.

They say charity starts at home. Besides changing the lives of strangers, Liezel is a woman with family values who puts her family first. Her brother, John Peter Ndjaronguru, works at Divas and Gents Fitness too and to him it’s a joy to be a part of the team.

“Liezel is a straight shooter; you don’t have to second-guess what she expects of you,” Ndjaronguru says. “Every team member knows what is expected from them and they also contribute to making the gym a success by contributing with any ideas that they might have.”

He says all the staff members love fitness and are loyal to Liezel. As a rugby player, JP understands and believes in the importance of working out.

Growing Up

Growing up in Katutura and then Khomasdal, Liezel remains true to her roots. She first started her gym in Khomasdal at the Star Hotel. Because there is no fitness centre in Khomasdal, Liezel deliberately decided to lay down the roots of her gym in Khomasdal.

Liezel attended Gammams Primary School and Eldorado Secondary School. Liezel is a qualified group fitness instructor for Strong Nation as well as a qualified nutritionist.

Although she didn’t take part in any sports, she was always a part of dance groups in school and that is where her love for Zumba and all things dance fitness comes from.

To kickstart your fitness journey, make small changes, she says. “Do not be too hard on yourself. Take it one day at a time. Experiment a little with healthier foods. HEALTH and fitness do not have to be boring,” says Liezel.

Five Facts

1. I’m a neat freak and believe cleanliness is next to godliness.

2. I’m a straight talker and say it as it is.

3. I love children and enjoy spending time with my twin godchildren.

4. I’m an ouma-kind.

5. I am very family oriented. Family means a lot to me.



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