Dining in Windhoek

12 July 2019 | Kuns en vermaak
Joyful Noise: Maerua Mall

@1humblepalate - You could be forgiven thinking Joyful Noise in Maerua Mall is a spot where different renditions of “Happy Birthday to you” are sung every hour, with no regard for pitch perfection or lyrics, as long as the person’s name mentioned is correct. It’s more than just a place created to get the kids out of the house and have them release all that bottled-up adrenaline, which you wouldn’t want expressed on your couches, television stand or newly-crafted garden.

With so much space for children to express themselves on the jungle gyms, an opportunity opened to create an environment adults can enjoy as well.

Sitting around and consuming kiddies’ food while waiting for them to tire themselves out is not ideal, and so the owner of Joyful Noise, Genoveve, created a kitchen catering wholly to both groups – humans big and small.

The Joyful Noise kitchen is exactly that, a fully-fledged restaurant kitchen that offers bold and daring flavours bound to satisfy all.

The menu, which has been revamped a few times since the venue officially opened four years ago, focuses on big eats that leave you ready for a day of activities and fun.

With a restaurant accompanying the kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to visit with an active kid, but can pop in for a visit to the Joyful Kitchen if you’re looking for a good bite.

Focused on burgers, pizzas and pastas, the Joyful Noise kitchen holds its own against more “seasoned and established” eateries. With ample seating and food fresh and hot when delivered, it’s a must.

It’s ideal to go during the week as it is generally quieter. If the patter of tiny feet and randomly raised voices do not phase you, swing by after your weekend shopping.

Something you’d enjoy eating is the Hulk Burger, a towering and filling burger with pickles, bacon, cheese, and a fully satisfying patty cooked to order.

Undercover Tip: Joyful Noise also do meal deliveries for five orders or more. They also have a put-put course that glows in the dark. Who wouldn’t want to give that a go?!

Dulcé Cafe: Maerua Mall

Located on the upper level of the mall, Dulcé, a café franchise owned by Esme and Wilbur Izaaks, has undergone great changes. The new owners have made it their mission to ensure every bite that goes into your mouth, leaves you with a story to tell.

Since the new takeover, the menu, in association with regular customer feedback, as well as direction from the franchiser, has seen some significant improvements.

The staff has been retrained with more focus being placed on food quality and service, and as Wilbur says: “The focus has to be on great food and great service; that’s our everyday goal.”

As one of the busiest food and beverage properties within Maerua Mall, it’s no wonder there is always a few faces sitting in the chairs inside or along the outside of the shop.

The food speaks towards easy eats as well as comfort food, with numerous beverage options to accompany whatever your teeth are sinking into. Specialty hot drinks, local and international brews, smoothies, freezos and fruit juices are all available.

Dive into filling pastas, unique breakfast options, burgers and sandwiches, and some daring options for the more adventurous palate. The great thing about dining at Dulcé is the fact that, regardless of what mood you’re in, there’s food that you’re guaranteed to enjoy.

It’s ideal to go any time of the week. The café is very popular during the weekend, and a bit quieter during the beginning of the week, save for the other mall tenants who are already placing orders as early as 7 a.m.

Something you’d enjoy eating is the Pasta Alfredo, a great lunch option that has the right balance of flavour and is not too rich and heavy. There’s a special currently running: two for N$125.

Breakfast? Get the Breakfast Stack, which is a patty, cheese, bacon, mushroom sauce and a fried egg prepared to order – all on a moist golden hash brown.

Undercover Tip: You can customise your order with something that is not on the menu. Get mince and cheese on your pancakes, add spinach to your smoothie, add cream to your malva. Just ask your waitron and enjoy the uniqueness of your order.

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