Appreciating our elderly

11 November 2016 | Gemeenskap
A basket full of goodies, a gift of appreciation, an extension of gratitude to highlight just how special the elderly are.

At Nedbank Namibia, this is the gospel they are preaching at old age homes within communities in the ‘Nedbank Corporate Health Basket Challenge’ that has been running since September this year.

The Corporate Health Basket Challenge project is part of the Nedbank annual Spring Festival with the sole aim of giving appreciation to our elderly by challenging our corporate partners to buy health baskets for old age homes across Namibia.

The health basket is filled with nutritious goodies that include but are not limited to fruits, tea, health bran muffins, juice, biltong, cheese wedges and yoghurt. The Biokinetics Association of Namibia has partnered with Nedbank and during their visits to the old age homes conducts helpful exercises with the elderly for any aches and pains they may be having and as well provide tips on how they can keep active.

“We often forget that where we are today is because of the building blocks that were placed before our time. The project is about bringing corporate organisations and people together to give thanks to our elders who helped shape our lives," said Jacky Tjivikua, Nedbank’s Manager: Go Green & Sponsorships.

"Taking some time out to spend a few moments with the elders in our communities is important because not everyone has family and it can get lonely. Through the health basket deliveries and visits, we hope to show them that they are appreciated, respected and not forgotten. We have had amazing buy in from corporates who are joining us in taking it forward,” she said.

John Valentin from the Westcare Medical Centre that falls under the Biokinetics Association of Namibia defines biokinetics as a medical profession that specialises in exercise therapy.

“A biokineticist improves a person''s physical status and quality of life. It is a privilege to be a part of Nedbank''s Corporate Health Basket Challenge handover to give back to our elderly,” said Valentin.

Mary Hansen, the Executive for Corporate Service at the Road Fund Administration (RFA), one of the corporate partners for this project says the elderly in our society form one of the most vulnerable groups, often forgotten and neglected by their own families and communities they helped build.

“Our elderly are our parents, caregivers, our very first teachers who sacrificed a lot to help bring about independence and individually helped us become who we are today. They love us unconditionally and for the RFA, this is a small way of saying ''thank you'' and also to acknowledge the continued importance and role our elders play in our communities and in our lives,” she said.

Meanwhile, Tjivikua says that for Nedbank, working together with their corporates partners has never been so fulfilling.

“The next couple of weeks we will be making deliveries to old age homes in Walvis Bay, Swakopmund and Okahandja. The very first delivery took place in Lüderitz. Other partners for this project include Windhoek Optics, AMH Motors, Events Unlimited, Element Spa, Strydom & Associates and Twaafika Consultants.



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