Abortion on demand should not be legalised

21 October 2021 | Menings
ANONYMOUS WRITES: Namibians don't want abortion on demand. Namibian women (and men) do not want the current abortion law to be changed because it is perfectly adequate as it stands. I dare the Government to run a referendum on this issue. Ensure that the referendum is done via secure paper ballot and not on the infamous EVMs, and the abortion lobbyists will be roundly defeated.

In Namibia, the people who want abortions are progressives, who are a minority. The highly educated and politically correct, often highly successful in their fields, believe the legalisation of abortion on demand is necessary for progress. So Namibia can catch up to the rest of the world.

Yip, you read that right: women who have unprecedented and free access to contraceptives should not make use of these freely available contraceptives, but rather abort their babies. For the sake of progress.

Remember, our laws already make provision for abortion in certain instances, e.g., rape or when the life of the mother is threatened, but that is apparently not enough.

Have a look at the influencers and funders of the pro-abortion groups. Very likely, you will find that the talking points come from such wonderfully progressive (read: degenerate) organisations in the U.S. such as Planned Parenthood.

It becomes a slippery slope, you see.

Decades ago in other countries, the main talking point was also about the dangers of backstreet abortions. This serves to bring the more conservative, but uniformed, on board.

But make no mistake. Once they have abortion, say up to 20 weeks, they will want more and more and more. Just recently, 100% of Democrat (progressive) Senators in the U.S. voted for a law that would (if passed) allow no meaningful restrictions on abortion up to nine months of pregnancy.

And hear the outrage when anybody dares to challenge this. “My body my choice” you see. They loudly and passionately champion abortion while cooing over their babies and toddlers. No sense of irony, apparently.

Namibia, please stand up to this. We are a Godly nation.

Yes, we have a secular constitution. But our constitution was written for us as a nation and should serve the citizens of this country, who are 90% Christian and probably about 75% conservative. Let's not lose our values. Please.



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