A fruit of hope

Cancer Apple project provides much-needed funding

15 November 2019 | Bankwese
Mariselle Stofberg

Despite challenging economic conditions, the Cancer Apple Project, which has impacted the lives of numerous Namibians, has managed to raise N$2.5 million in aid of the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN).

This was revealed at the handover of the funds held at CAN’s Chica Interim Home in Windhoek on Friday, 8 November.

With Bank Windhoek as the main sponsor, the Cancer Apple Project encourages Namibians to buy an apple for N$5.

“We realised that the only way to provide universal health coverage, health care and access to quality care is when we as Namibians stand together to make it a reality. We as a Namibian community have the power in our hands to make this a reality to all those in need,” said Rolf Hansen, the chief executive officer of CAN.

Bank Windhoek has also called for the continued funding of cancer awareness programmes and organisations to mitigate the rising number of reported cancer cases in Namibia.

“The Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project is the single biggest fundraiser in Namibia in the area of health and this year we celebrated this under the theme ‘More Than Just an Apple; It’s a Fruit of Hope’,” said Jacquiline Pack, the executive officer for marketing and corporate communication services of Bank Windhoek.

“As the number of Namibians diagnosed with cancer increases every year, it stands to reason that funding to organisations such as the Cancer Association needs to be both continuous and consistent. Funds raised through the project last year has been allocated to the Patient Financial Assistance Programme, and paediatric cancer patient care,” Pack said.

Pack added that the money raised in support of the work done by the CAN was the result of many ordinary Namibians doing their bit of good.

“Compassion and caring are what makes us human. Love for our fellow human beings lies at the heart of who we really are. This donation demonstrates that ordinary Namibians have connected with each other for a common goal,” said Pack.

This is the 19th year that the project has been under way and it has managed to raise more than N$25.5 million since its inception. The collected funds enable CAN to reach out and screen Namibians for cervical and prostate cancer in all 14 regions at no cost.

The Swakopmund branch of Bank Windhoek sold the most apples (60 059) and the Walvis Bay branch generated N$95 986 in support of the project through Bank Windhoek’s Entrepreneurial Challenge.

A total of 570 schools participated in the project this year. Each of the schools competed for selling the most apples in four categories. With total prize money of N$60 000, each winning school received a cash prize of N$7 000, while schools who came second and third each received N$5 000 and N$3 000 respectively.

The winners of the school competition are:

Pre-Primary Schools

· First Prize: India’s Day Care (Lüderitz)

· Second Prize: Kelkiewyn (Windhoek)

· Third Prize: Kindergarten West (Windhoek)

Primary Schools

· First Prize: Deutsche Privatschule Otavi (Tsumeb branch)

· Second Prize: Deutsche Privatschule Grootfontein (Grootfontein)

· Third Prize: Privaatskool Excelsior (Keetmanshoop)

Secondary Schools

· First Prize: Redimere Academy Secondary School (Tsumeb)

· Second Prize: Berg Op Akademie (Okahandja)

· Third Prize: Tsumeb Gimnasium (Tsumeb)

Combined Schools

· First Prize: Henties Bay Private School (Henties Bay)

· Second Prize: Edugate Academy (Otjiwarongo)

· Third Prize: Privaatskool Elnatan (Stampriet)

The partners of the 2018 Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project were Namibia Fresh Produce, Fruit and Veg City, NamPost Couriers and FP du Toit Transport, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Safari Hotels, PayToday Namibia and GiveToday, Solitaire Press, the radio services of the NBC, Maerua SuperSpar and Jaylo Productions.



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