Standard Bank invests in growth of women in business

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20 August 2018 | Bankwese

Standard Bank has committed itself to support various initiatives which seek to provide platforms for women to grow their business, such as the annual Economist Businesswoman North Conference.

The annual one-day conference seeks to equip women who are starting, expanding or working to improve their businesses with the tools they need to move their businesses and careers forward by generating new ideas, making new connections and exploring new opportunities.

Among the speakers who shared their knowledge with the women in attendance at the 20th Economist Businesswoman North Conference was Standard Bank’s head of marketing, communication and CSI, Magreth Mengo, who spoke on the importance of a positive customer experience and how this grows clientele

She also equipped them with tools on how to handle difficult situations in their organisations, how best to serve their customers and the power of creating relationships with each customer which will keep them coming back.

Additional speakers also included Telecom Namibia’s Albertina Sumaili, FNB’s Nangula Kauluma, Afra Shimming-Chase of Chase & Associates, Namibia Business Innovation Institute’s (NBBI) Silas Newaka, PowerCom’s Alisa Amupolo and lawyer Petrine Hango.

“I was pleasantly overwhelmed by this congregation of intelligent, innovative and business savvy women who attended the event because they have truly embodied the spirit of unity to empower each other with the necessary skills to excel in their entrepreneurial exploits,” Mengo said of the conference at its cocktail event later that evening.

She stressed that the Economist Business Women Conference North is an embodiment of the statement “When you educate a woman, you educate a nation; this is because women are inherently built to nurture and aid in the growth of their communities.”

Pointing out that nobody reaches the top alone in business, Mengo urged to the women in business to stick together, encourage each other, share their skills and knowledge to ensure each other’s success.

“We have embarked on a journey to break the glass ceiling, it’s going to be a long and strenuous one, and we might be tempted to give up, but in those moments of weakness just remember that we can do it together, if we continue to show the commitment we have shown here today,” she concluded.



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