Sharing smiles through free haircuts

14 January 2020 | Plaaslik
Ester Kamati

Heading back to school is on everyone’s minds and K Hair Studio is not letting this moment pass them by – they’re congratulating learners who passed last year with free haircuts.

With the ‘back to school’ blues in full force and on top of new school uniforms and stationery to buy and snacks to put into their children’s lunchboxes, a haircut is the one thing parents can tick off their list of expenses, thanks to K Hair Studio.

It’s right after 12:00 and the chirpy barber is putting the finishing touches on a fresh fade. Even after a busy day, he still brings the same energy he started with to make sure every client is satisfied.

Providing free haircuts is the hair studio’s way to thank children for their hard work throughout the year, according to Clarence Eiseb, K Hair Studio’s marketing partner. “We just thought that maybe every parent will not be able to give them a present, so that’s a present from our side to motivate them.”

As part of the salon’s social responsibility, they decided to reward learners who have worked hard and passed the previous academic year, which is why the learner’s report is needed to make a booking.

The response from the community has been good and the salon will be quite busy over the next week, with bookings already made.

They are however still working on a strategy to reward girls for their hard work as well, as they do not want them to feel left out.

According to the studio’s manager Maria Hepito, they are considering a half price special, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

While their focus is on learners who passed, less successful candidates don’t have to feel left out. The studio also has a January special with prices as low as N$25 for boys from pre-school, primary and high school and N$40 for university students, valid until 2 February.

Given that January is often a tough month, Proby Kalela, the operations partner at K Hair Studio, said their intentions are to “hold hands with parents and pull each other through to the other side.”

K Hair Studio, located in the Dorado Valley Shopping Complex, has been in existence for about 30 years and employees 20 people. The hair salon is proud to have an online presence through their social media pages where they advertise and communicate with their clients.

Eiseb encourages the public to visit the salon if ever they want to try something new. K Hair Studio can be reached via their Facebook page or on 085 716 6535.



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