Levelling up

15 September 2020 | Onderwys
Uahekununa Kahiha

The Demian Times newspaper team has reached a milestone with the establishment of social media platforms for the newspaper.

In June 2020, an Instagram page, @demiantimes.official, and a Facebook page, Academia Secondary School Media Page, were created.

The creation of these platforms came about because social media platforms are the most convenient ways of transferring and obtaining information. Journalist Quintin Swartbooi said it is an exciting thing to take on and the editorial team hopes to make the right impression with the new addition to the school newspaper.

The platforms are not only for the news within the school but act as a digital journal of true Demian moments such as the annual watermelon festival and newcomers’ concert and they allow the school's editorial team to engage with their audience too.

The pages also take into consideration community-based issues such as human trafficking and awareness therefore is raised. Learners can also get study tips and motivational scriptures from the pages.

Parents and learners have given positive feedback about the platforms.

“It is a very nice platform, especially for the newcomers, so they can get to know more about the school and its activities,” said Juuso Nangombe.

“It is refreshing to see how the school interacts with learners on social media, with intent to inform and to comfort followers of the page,” said parent Annelien van Rooyen.

With this new method of broadcasting, the Demian community is promised to remain informed on everything and anything. This is only one step into the exciting journey Academia Secondary School's journalists have in store for the years to come.



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