Let’s be realistic

04 February 2020 | Rubrieke
Elizabeth Joseph

Every New Year, everyone promises that this January will not be as bad as previous ones. And, just like every other year, for some people January continues to be a dark month.

I have lost people very close to me every January since 2014. We recently had to bury another one of my mother’s siblings and although I was not so close to him, seeing my mom’s sadness was just as bad.

January was also the month in which we lost more than three children in Windhoek in big cases, including abuse and drowning, not to mention the ones that went unreported.

Many people associate the month with darkness and poverty, often because of poor decisions made during the festive season. People overspend and then have to go through the whole month without having much.

Even though it is rumoured to be more of a mind thing, it still proves to be relatively true.

It is so cliché to say that January is and will always be the month hated by everyone, but with it being long and tedious and oh so emotionally draining, who can blame us?

On the upside, January could also be an opportunity to set goals for yourself and no, not those New Year’s resolutions that won’t even last till mid-year, but real lifestyle changes. Changes to everything, including your professional life.

I, for one, have made the first move to becoming a regular runner. However, if I’m honest, it was extremely difficult running a 5k, when I couldn’t even make it to the grocery store, which is less than 10 metres from my house, without breaking a sweat.

Yet, I did it. I decided to steer clear of the common misconception that I myself have conformed to. I didn’t want this January to be like all the others.

Granted, I had some bitter pills to swallow last month, I did it like a boss, and now I have made it to February. Now here’s a month you all love. Valentine’s Day. The month of love. Who knows what else people see in this month.

I know you are probably reading this thinking, “Wow, what a sad, sad girl.” Not at all. I love February just because, as the millennials say, January was a free trial and my year only starts in February.

I made all the plans in January and from now till December, the execution starts. For the first time I have set very realistic goals for myself. I am sharing this with you because we are close like that, but also to document it for myself.

I want to fit into my size medium bikini that I bought in Cape Town in April 2018. I would also love to be able to run at least 10 km, not all at once but at least without heaving and sweating like a maniac.

I need more friends; I have so much love to give but because of my facial expressions, people often think I am unapproachable.

I love what I do. I would not want to be anywhere else, but this is the year of mainstreaming. There is nothing wrong with being comfortable and content in a line of work, especially if you are passionate about it.

The trouble comes when you become stagnant and stop thinking about ways to stay relevant and skilled.

And last, but certainly not least, you guessed it: I want to get my learner’s and driver’s licences. I am done being a SpongeBob. Watch this space.

January was in itself a year, but we’ve triumphed and it is now time for the rest of our journey to commence.

I send love and light into every mountain you need to climb this month. May nothing get in the way of your greatness.

Remember to be good to yourself and others.



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