Let the tax payers vote in presidential elections

11 February 2019 | Menings

Members of the public, I’m a 33-year-old Namibian male paying tax, over the last 25 years I have been promised beautiful benefits from all our elected presidents.


Yet we still pay school fees and buy stationary, children of today can’t even read nor write properly. Our education is not better than the previous regime; we had a much better education under white rule. In hospitals or clinics we have to wait from 5 to 8 hours before we could be helped, there’s almost never any medicine at clinics and hospitals when prescribed. Our clinics and hospitals are not even in a clean hygienic state, thus you can leave with more medical issues than when you entered. Housing is a song that was sung by all Namibians since Independence and we are still singing the same song: WHERE ARE OUR HOUSES? In 2004 City of Windhoek made a list of Namibian citizens in need of erven, 15 years later if you ask them what they achieved, they will say we’re still busy with 2004.


I have to pay tax on all services received and pay tax on any income I make, and the President is exempt from tax with huge benefits. As citizens we’ve been promised beautiful benefits, not one of them has been delivered: No housing, no medical services, poor education, the only people who benefit are the President, his ministers and government employees. How can we vote for a leader who doesn’t pay tax, and indebts the country by taking loan after loan. How will these loans ever be repaid? We are to become another Chinese-owned African state. We need a President who will lead by example and should have the same sympathy as a tax payer. In our President’s ruling term we made loans of over N$10 billion that we know of and read about in our daily newspapers.

The Chinese in the North are driving taxis. How did they acquire transport permits, while we as Namibians born frees suffer to get permits? Does the Namibian Constitution allow a foreigner to have privilege over a Namibian? Why is no one held accountable? This would pay our debt. This year is the year of accountability, and now our government wants to increase taxes, why? Knowing them, our tax money will just disappear. Why should I accept this? What are you doing for me?

Let’s vote that only tax payers should vote in presidential elections. Some would say let all Namibians vote, but not all pay their taxes.



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