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16 August 2019 | Sakenuus
Mariselle Stofberg

Vincent Weyulu is a picture of determination. At 26 years old has proven that age is just a number when you are determined and focused on chasing your dreams. Weyulu is the managing partner and CEO of Motlee HR Systems Namibia, which is a Cloud-based human resources platform.

“We always win the game,” is a quote by his father that has motivated this young businessman to reach beyond his current circumstances and achieve the dreams he has for his life.

Growing up in a small village near Ondangwa, Weyulu knew that life had bigger plans for him and he wanted to create his own destiny.

“Every holiday my grandfather would take us to the farm and at times I did not like it because I wanted to travel to Windhoek and experience the city life, where I knew my dreams were. I soon realised that education was my escape and it offered me the road to my dreams. The experience taught me endurance, patience and to never to give up on my dreams,” he said.

Even though Weyulu has achieved great success in his career so far, he started from humble beginnings and can identify with the current unemployed youth.

Even with a degree in information technology (IT), majoring in the field of informatics in business computing, Weyulu struggled to make ends meet.

“My challenges in my career have included unemployment and job-seeking for more than three years, which many young people are going through; while hustling on the streets with a degree, as a driving instructor to make a few bucks, to losing my brother to cancer and having no place to stay permanently, while I hustled to pay rent,” he said.

“I studied and graduated from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) in 2016. I began my career as an intern IT technician, working for the ministry of labour and industrial relations in 2014, and during that period I began to find an interest in business and entrepreneurship.”

He then started his first venture - a small manufacturing company with a high school friend.

“After many years of job-seeking, working in various jobs and trying many business ideas, I finally resigned in 2018 as an IT supervisor working at the International Zannier Luxury Hotel (Omaanda Lodge) to pursue my passion, a full-time career in entrepreneurship. Today I am proud to say I am the managing partner and CEO of Motlee HR Systems Namibia.”

Weyulu believes that our challenges in life make us stronger and he has used his challenges to learn and grow.

“I have encountered a few challenges, which I am grateful for on my journey, because they have helped me to discover my strength and build my character.”

Motlee HR Systems was chosen as one of 50 African digital start-ups to participate in the EU-Africa Digital Start-up Fair in Abidjan, Ivory Coast at the EU-Africa Business Forum in 2017.

“We were also the only Namibian company represented. In June 2019 we launched our e-recruitment/career development platform. We currently have over 1 200 jobseekers signed up and this number is rising.”

Weyulu has been privileged to work in an environment where he can have the freedom and confidence to follow his dreams, with the support of his colleagues.

“I have a great team of partners and young professionals who are dedicated and understand my vision for the company as the leader; this gives me great confidence to effectively execute my work knowing well that they all have my back and I can rely on them at any time. So far my experience as CEO and managing partner has been one win after another in all that I do, and I hope to continue that winning culture at Motlee.”

The company has achieved great success in Namibia thus far, but Weyulu has even bigger dreams, beyond the country borders.

“We are currently working to enter the Kenyan market this year already and are in advanced talks with Kenyan partners. This we believe this will be a good starting point to enter the East African market. We also have plans to enter French-speaking West Africa in the next two years. We are currently in preliminary talks with a partner in Cameroon. That is the power of the internet; we believe that with Cloud, borders are just lines on a map.”

Weyulu gets his inspiration from the people around him, his friends, family and co-workers.

“Knowing their backgrounds in terms of where they are and where they came from gives me the drive to also keep pushing and improve myself. What truly makes me happy is having the freedom do to what I like with my time when I want to.”

Fun facts about Weyulu:

He doesn’t like waking up early, unless he has to.

He doesn’t eat red meat.

He only wears brown shoes.

He practices yoga and meditation.

He is passionate about teaching.

He is learning how to play the guitar.

His favourite place in the world is Indangungu.

His favourite car is a Mercedes-Benz G63.

He has three featured recorded songs on SoundCloud.

Photos: Contributed

Vincent 1- Vincent from Motlee HR system believes borders are just lines on a map.

Vincent 2- Vincent is the CEO and Managing Partner at Motlee HR Systems



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