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Facets of involvement

06 December 2019 | Mense
Justicia Shipena

Vivacious Marco Swart is a mechanical technician in the packaging engineering department at Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL) - a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver and List Group.

His job entails doing all types of mechanical repairs, maintenance, mentoring and developing of job attachments and apprentices in the mechanical field.

“As a technician you are more advanced in dealing with OEM machines and working around ‘obstacles’ experienced in the packaging plant,” he says.

Having been in this position for over three years, Swart also assists in the packaging department with daily feedback on difficulties or "bottlenecks" that contribute to lower line efficiency.

Speaking to Careers he said managing time and priorities to get most of what is required done on a daily basis is the main challenge. The most gratifying is when an apprentice comes back to him and thanks him for what he or she has learned under his guidance.

Swart completed his secondary school education in 1993 then he enrolled at the Cape Technicon, which is now the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

He graduated in June 1998 as part of the second group of students to finish the S4 National Diploma in mechanical engineering.

According to Swart his biggest challenge during his school years came in 1989 when he had a skateboard accident.

“The accident resulted in severe bleeding on the brain. I had to spend two-and-a-half months at home with no radio, television or outside influences. I had to reprogram my brain. I have learned how important it is to rest after experiencing trauma. This experience has made me stronger and enabled me to make it through a number of challenges I have experienced in life.”

He told Careers that what led him to his current occupation is a passion for all things mechanical and being exposed to a variety of machinery and tools while growing up.

“To be completely honest, I was going through the newspapers at that time and looked at what jobs were in demand and the salaries involved. I then opted to take the little money put away by my parents and go and study further.”

According to him young people should choose a career that they are passionate about.

“Be it working with people or just on your own, somewhere away from civilisation. If you have the means, use it to further your education; it helps you take better calculated decisions.”

The most important lesson that life has taught him is that the more you practise, the easier it gets.

Besides his passion for mechanics, Swart enjoys driving go-karts, and he drives them pretty fast.



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