Dining in Windhoek

02 August 2019 | Kuns en vermaak


Windhoek’s love affair with coffee continues to grow with a couple of new establishments setting up in and around town. What separates the hot from the not is the ability to control the roasting process, something that’s out of reach for many. While other establishments rely heavily on beans provided by different coffee roasters, from within the region or a bit further out, it’s the ones that have roasters locally that seem to have the edge over their competitors.

With a great relationship with Nam Coffee Roasters as its supplier, NamBean has ensured that the coffee ground and served at their establishment is premium, providing you with the ultimate coffee experience.

NamBean coffee is not just another cup of coffee. If you take the time, it’s the experience, the passion and the dedication, all in a single or double shot of utter caffeine ecstasy. It’s the stories of how to achieve the right balance between roasts, the best way to serve great coffee and ultimately, Namibians’ love affair with this tiny bean.

The gourmet coffee offerings at NamBean are rather intriguing. At first glance The Alps looks like an eccentric children’s drink with its colourful appeal.

With layers of white and pink along with the brown coffee hue, The Alps is a “Vienna coffee” inspired drink served latte style and crowned with snowy white whipped cream – hence the name. As you take your first sip, the cream touches your lips and softly dissolves as the coffee comes through, ending off with a strawberry milkshake, leaving the palate pleasantly surprised. Keep the sugar away – far away.

The Divorce is a separation of two conflicting milkshakes: cream soda and strawberry. On any given day, mixing these two would be a monumental catastrophic undertaking that would only be enjoyed by kids chasing a sugar rush at their cousin’s birthday party.

But with a layer of coffee (acting like a restraining order of sorts) between the two, peace is maintained on your palate.

A daring, bold and rather eccentric way to get your coffee fix.

A pure traditionalist? NamBean majors in single origin coffee, giving you the best of each region without contradicting the flavour profile with varying blends.

Sit down or take away a latte, cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, flat white or Americano. Their menu is one of the most extensive in town offering great variety. Don’t forget your brötchen or a slice of delectable chocolate cake. Find them opposite Stuttafords, upper level, Maerua Mall.

Undercover tip: You and a group of friends can book The Coffee Experience – an exclusive educational opportunity shedding light on the Namibian coffee story.

Time Out

Occupying the space that was once Yaeli’s Bistro, Time Out is slowly asserting itself as an eatery doing small meals in big ways. With amazing health options, as well as alternatives for those not too concerned about their waistlines, the restaurant along with the menu is currently being fine-tuned by owner-manager Deon, taking into account customer feedback and preferences. Choice is your worst enemy when you sit down for a bite in this quaint café. Loaded salads, customised French fry options, mouthwatering alternative dishes, refreshing and palate-cleansing smoothies and shakes; the list is packed with great options.

The Asian chicken salad is a great balance between protein and vegetable, with moist chicken bits resting on a bed of fresh local greens. Oriental notes dance on your tongue with hints of ginger, garlic, lemongrass and a slight tang of rice wine vinegar. The way the ingredients are portioned allows you to experience the salad as a whole, with nothing overpowering.

The ultimate indulgence remains the barbeque chicken nuggets covered in a blanket of cheese sauce.

The nuggets are presented bare and the cheese sauce is then poured over like a tide of molten goodness leaving you wanting to dive right in.

There’s no time to chat. This dish calls for immediate consumption. To accompany that? Forget what you’ve experienced with regards to loaded fries. With fries with chilli, mushroom, cheese, or beef strips and salsa (Kapana fries), Time Out is reinventing the loaded French fry.

Wash it all down with a shake that will leave you rejuvenated, refreshed, revived and restored.

Undercover tip: Take the time to sit down so you enjoy the best of your meal. Although a take-away option is available for all meals, the best experience at Time Out is when you take a seat and just immerse yourself in what’s on offer.



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