Challenges besetting our beloved country

12 September 2018 | Menings

I write to you today conscious of the grievous challenges besetting our beloved country and its people, but I write to you in a spirit of transcending hope and overriding faith in the goodness of mankind.

I write to you as a fellow human being. A Namibian deeply and dearly in love with our motherland. Furthermore, I write to you as a father of three awesome children and the grandfather of three equally awesome granddaughters, born and bred in the Land of the Brave. We love this country and are driven by this love.

Indeed, so passionate is our dedication to the soil of this land that we are prepared to sacrifice and pay that the crippling sin of this nation be corrected so that this country and its people will rise to their true destiny.

It is there for with a deep sense of loss, pain and shame that I have learnt about the gruesome, senseless and shameless murder of a defenseless, innocent and vulnerable girl, Avihe Cheryl Ujaha. Our deepest condolences goes out to all those affected by this brutal act against the future of this nation, our young. Our prayer is that our Creator God will comfort them in this dark hour of bereavement. May your souls be consoled by the Holy Spirit and be healed with the Balm of Gilead.

The question remains, however: “Where did we go wrong? Where, when and how did we lose our moral compass?” These are critical, soul-searching questions that beckon honest answers.

In this regard, let us be reminded of the promise of our Lord in 2 Chronicles 7v14: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sins and will heal their land.” Is this where we lost it?

However, compatriots, there is hope. But there are specific conditions too as indicated above.

In this regard, the Church, as the body of Christ, has an essential and pivotal role to play. It will require, through the grace of God, that we will:

In the heat of the battle - be a ­servant Church;

In the midst of hatred - be a ­prophetic Church;

In the midst of hopelessness - be a hopeful Church;

In the midst of compromise - be a committed Church;

In the midst of bondage an fear - be a liberated Church; and

In the midst of failure and disappointment - be a believing Church.

Yes, amidst the pain and suffering, we might be troubled but, not destroyed. There is still hope. Christ remains our “hope of glory” (Colossians 1v27) let us go back to the drawing board. Back to the basics.

And, yes, I still have a dream for Namibia. The prominent and venerated Black American poet, Langston Hughes, echoes basically the same sentiment in his poem: “I dream a world.”

I dream a world where men no other man will scorn,

Where love will bless the earth and peace it's path adorn.

I dream a world where all will know sweet freedom's way,

Where greed no longer saps the soul nor avarice blights our day.

A world I dream where Black and White, whatever race you be,

Will show the bounties of the earth and every man is free.

Where wretchedness will hang its head, and joy, like a pearl

Attends the need of all mankind

Of such I dream

Our world.

God bless Africa

Guide her leaders

Bless all her children

And give her peace.



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