Brabus boosts Maybach S650

Boasts a brutal 662kW!

15 November 2017 | Motors
Long-established tuning haus Brabus doesn’t play favourites. Not content with amping up Mercedes-Benz’ sporty models until their wastegates squeak, it has now turned its attention to Stuttgart’s new luxury flagship, the 2.8 ton Mercedes-Maybach S650 sedan.

First they bore and stroke the engine to 6.3 litres using a custom billet crankshaft with longer stroke, forged pistons with a larger diameter, and precision-balanced connecting rods. The standard turbos are replaced with bigger ones on special manifolds, fed directly from the redesigned grille by by a special duct on the underside of the bonnet and a larger airbox with bigger air-filter elements, shrouded with Brabus’ signature heat-reflective gold foil.

The standard downtubes give way to 80mm stainless steel drainpipes, free-flow metal catalysts and a stainless-steel high-performance exhaust system with actively controlled exhaust flaps.

All of which is modulated by re-written ECU software that not only delivers a rated 662kW at 5500 revs and 1500Nm at 4200, good for 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds and a quoted top speed of more than 350km/h - but also complies with the stringent new Euro6 emission standards!

In the aptly named ‘Coming Home’ mode the Brabus auspuff is even quieter than the OEM original, while its open-throated roar in Sport mode is considerably more authoritative.

Given its admittedly brutal performance, the new Brabus S900’s clear lacquered carbon fibre aero kit is of more than cosmetic importance; the front bumper with its distinctive Brabus grille, larger air intakes and integrated lip spoiler, which completely replaces the original, was developed in the wind tunnel to reduce front axle lift and maximise cooling airflow to the radiators and front brakes.

The matching rear bumper with integrated diffuser has special cutouts for the four chrome-plated tailpipes of the high-performance exhaust system.

A kit designed for this models lowers ride height by 15mm, while 22” Brabus Monobloc g ‘Platimum Edition’ forged alloy wheels shod with 255/30 front and 295/25 rear gumballs just about fill the wheel arches.

The inside of the S900 is retrimmed in ‘Masterpiece’ trim, designed especially for the Maybach models, available in an endless variety of leathers and alcantara in any desired colour and with practically any desired upholstery layout, with just as wide a range of wood or carbon inlays, which are likewise available in any desired colour and with a variety of surface finishes. And the final touch is a special Brabus speedo that reads to 400km/h.

The demo Brabus S900 is finished throughout in ‘Nature Beige’ leather, precisely perforated to match the functioning of the seat ventilation, with shell-shaped quilting on the seats and door panels, matching the layout of the teak flooring.

A new centre console stretches all the way back between the individual rear seats, housing power-operated tray tables that extend at the touch of a button, controlled by a nine-centimetre touchscreen in the armrest between the seats. Each tray table houses a Microsoft Surface 4 Pro computer, hooked up to screens in the backs of the front seats - or you can ask for a large retractable liquid-crystal display integrated into the headliner.

Brabus will either build you a brand-new S900 to your specifications or upgrade your existing Mercedes-Maybach S650 to whatever level you desire; all Brabus components are backed by a three-year or 100 000-kilometer Brabus Tuning Warranty. –



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