16 August 2019 | Onderwys

Two giants come together

Enhancing innovation and service delivery

On 14 August, MTC and the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) gathered at the Nust chambers to formally announce the signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU).

The MOU was signed earlier this year on 20 February and marked the official partnership between the two entities to collaborate in strategic areas that will enhance innovation and service delivery through research and development.

The MTC/Nust partnership will focus on various areas. These include emerging and disruptive technologies, ubiquitous and pervasive computing, electronic engineering and other engineering disciplines, marketing and communication, telecommunication products and services, cybersecurity and forensics, user experience, human/computer interaction computing and informatics.

Nust faculty of computing and informatics dean, Professor Anicia Peters, emphasised that MTC has long been the muscle behind Nust initiatives and that the areas scoped out are vital for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The partnership is expected to build capacity and assess the impact in the country.

“Our joint activities include internships, guest lectures, scholarships, joint activities, research, product development and innovation among others,” Peters said.

She added that Nust currently has 12 interns placed at MTC and has attached expert staff and students to big data projects and Cloud computing projects at the telecoms company.

Additional components of the MOU put an emphasis on harnessing academic and practical industrials resources, sharing innovative ideas and experiences, knowledge and skills.

MTC CEO Dr Licky Erastus said the event was the start of a journey aimed to enhance customer experience through innovative and creative products and services that are up-to-date with current trends.

He said MTC remains committed to being a part of a community where cutting-edge research starts to make living easier.

“While the institutions of higher learning and the industry remain at the centre of this practice, we need to educate and do research to innovate and provide the industry with knowledge and skills,” said Erastus.

The industry needs to be competitive by providing clients with innovative products and services in order to be profitable, he added.

The partnership seeks to tap into emerging and disruptive technologies, mobile app development solutions, telecommunication products and services and also cybersecurity as focus areas.

The partnership hopes to subsequently contribute to the overall development of ICT in Namibia, not only through MTC’s products and services, but also through education by having conferences and workshops.

“All the skills that will be shared and acquired are critical for building the national economy. The ministry of higher education believes that this initiative will elevate the university’s research and community services,” said Dr Lisho Mundia, the ministry’s director of research

The partnership is celebrating 10 years. The first time MTC funded the faculty of computing and informatics (the MTC Endowed Chair in ICT) was in 2009. This partnership is now renewed with financial and in-kind contributions, as well as internships, tech events and joint projects.

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MTC-NUST-Representatives from MTC and Nust at the official announcement of the partnership.