17 August 2018 | Motors

Toyotas face gruelling test in Africa

Fifth leg of Five Continents Drive Project


Following Australia in 2014, the Americas in 2015 and 2016, and Europe in 2017, this year Toyota will head to Africa.

In addition, members from Suzuki Motor Corporation, Hino Motors and Toyota Auto Body Company will also join the project.

Built by experience

By experiencing the diverse cultures, climates, and harsh conditions in which vehicles are used, the project seeks to enable participants to better understand customer needs, and to consider what sort of cars will be most suited to the Africa of tomorrow.

The Five Continents Drive is being carried out under the umbrella of Toyota Gazoo Racing. Toyota employees from Japan and local affiliates (in this instance, Toyota South Africa staff members) drive the roads used daily by customers, with the aim of making “ever-better cars”.

The project sees the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 as a milestone, and will endeavour to continue its activities until this major event takes place.

For the purpose of the Five Continents Drive Project, North America and Latin America are categorised as one continent (“the Americas”).

Who knows, we might just see the Five Continents Drive convoy driving through Namibia in coming weeks.