13 September 2018 | Bankwese

Standard Bank eyes ATM deposits


After its recent announcement that customers’ bank statements will now be emailed, Standard Bank Namibia this week said its customers would now be able to deposit money at ATMs.

Chief executive Vetumbuavi Mungunda made the announcement in Windhoek on Tuesday when he released the bank’s Sustainability Report for 2017.

“A month from now, customers will now be able to deposit money at our ATMs,” Mungunda said.

Standard Bank will be the second Namibian bank to offer that feature.

Mungunda said Standard Bank had been on a drive to improve its technology in the past few months and would continue with that.

Referring to the Sustainability Report, Mungunda said his bank was happy that it could assure the Bank of Namibia of its compliance.

It also gave the bank’s customers the assurance that their money was safe with the bank, he said.