18 April 2019 | Menings

Ons is nie 'n piramideskema


Ek kry ons arme mense jammer wat so mal is oor Jamalife. Dis die oudste truuk om geld van mense af te kry en dit word `n piramideskema genoem.


Mr. Set Kapeuasha, JHG Emerald Director Namibia writes:

Not knowing something in its fullest effect isn't a sin.

Jamalife have tangible products and/or services including flight and hotel booking, human capital development through trade and skills acquisitions programs, assets and property acquisition, etc. A pyramid scheme offers unrealistic expectations where the person on top always earns more than his or her subordinates regardless of their hard work while the multi-level marketing system which Jamalife is, is founded on a robust platform that promotes team work and personal development while acquiring wealth genuinely and righteously.

Note that a pyramid scheme is a type of business where you have e.g. the CEO on top, then the president and vice president followed by employees at the bottom of the equation. In Jamalife, a newly joined and committed down-line participant can overtake an up-line participant, thus your earning potential is entirely dependent on your efforts and not on anyone else’s.

Jamalife does not discriminate nor look down on anybody despite their background.

Jamalife is registered with CAC Nigeria and CIPRO South Africa, therefore it is for all and belongs to none. Jamalife Namibia's registration is underway.

It is a nuisance when someone attacks what they don't know or do't understand. Do thorough research on a global scale.