06 September 2018 | Bankwese

Nedbank Namibia launches Private Wealth offering

Staff Reporter – To grow a client’s wealth, Nedbank Namibia follows an approach based on a multifaceted understanding of who the client is and charts a course for their personal wealth management objectives.

“Getting the core understanding right is the first part of the equation,” the managing director of Nedbank Namibia, Lionel Matthews, said at the launch of the bank’s Private Wealth offering on Monday.

The offering provides clients with personalised financial advice to always maintain financial stability, as well as to accumulate and grow their assets and wealth during challenging and often turbulent global economic times.

Nedbank Namibia is cognisant of the fact that in order to help clients attain success in line with their financial vision, a deep and thorough understanding of their aspirations is crucial.

“From that point onwards, our team will build a long term, tailored support system for each client, whether individuals, families, trusts or businesses, to ensure that they are in the best possible space to structure, grow, protect and access their wealth at their convenience,” Matthews said.

The Nedbank Private Wealth offering will range from banking, insurance, stockbroking, philanthropy and fiduciary services. Clients will also be able to invest, structure and grow wealth globally through the exclusive international offering.

With a team of handpicked wealth relationship bankers who carry extensive experience, the Nedbank Namibia Private Wealth offering will provide seamless, transparent and consistent advice and assistance to premier clients.

The Nedbank Namibia Private Wealth Suite is located at the newly developed Am Weinberg Estate in Klein Windhoek.