Top results for Honda Muxima racing team

IN the first race of the 2010 WMCC motocross championship, Namibia’s only professional team, Honda Muxima Racing, came out swinging. It was all smiles on the face of team captain Jose Teixeira and team sponsor Pupkewitz Honda will be pleased wi th the results achieved.

In the MX Lites class (formerly known as 85cc class) Teixeira’s son Joshua showed his talent by finishing 4th overall in the preliminary heats. Unfortunately he crashed out in his third heat, but recovered quickly. In the MX2 class Henry O’Kennedy finished as runner-up, while Brannigan “Animal” Wise showed his talent, especially in the second heat which he won in style when he muscled his way through the field of competitors.
Team captain Jose, due to his age of 44, participates in the Clubmen’s class this year. He may be “older”, but the fire inside still seems to be burning with intensity: after two second places in the heats, he won the final after rubbing some shoulders in style. Honda Muxima’s poster boy, the “Red Namibian Express” Björn Bierbrauer, could not win the holeshot this time, but from lap 2 he led the field of riders and never looked back.

In heat 2 Björn again got stuck behind a competitor, his Honda was singing i t s best catch-up tune throughout the race. After 16- odd minutes in the 11th lap, his competitor made a mistake and the hierarchy was in place again. In the final heat “Snyman Transport King of the Dirt”, Björn had to switch bikes with his team captain because his own Honda 450 overheated.

Frank Klosta grabbed the holeshot and held the top position for two laps, then Tommy Gous and Björn Bierbrauer got past him in the third lap. Bierbrauer tried various tricks, but his competitor in front of him had some of his own and blocked all attacks successfully.

In the seventh lap some backmarkers clogged the track s ome what and Björn was impeded, while Gous ploughed trough the throng at the southern traverse and took victory. For Björn the consolation was that he was still the overall winner of the day on his superfast Honda. These performances promise some fine dices in the next race on 17th April in Swakopmund.