Nam dance sport honoured

ONE of the main tasks of the International Dance Sport Association (IDSF) is to promote the development of Dance Sport around the world in order for the sport to grow properly and also to have new countries as members. The IDSF hosted a meeting in Durban, South Africa, earlier this month hosted by the general secretary and chairman of its Membership Commission, Mr Marco Sietas of Spain.

The Southern African Dance Sport Federation (SADSF) also held its annual general meeting in Durban. The countries currently represented are South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Zimbabwe and Namibia. The Namibia Amateur Dance Sport Association (NADSA) is proud to announce that it was decided at the AGM to station the head office of the SADSF in Namibia.

This will help to promote and popularize dance sport not only in Namibia, but also in neighboring countries. The SADSF envisages producing highly qualified dancers, coaches and adjudicators for the development of dance sport within the Southern African region. “We are very excited to work with our neighboring countries,” said Hannelie Stein, president of NADSA.

“Teaming up with SADSF and engaging in a joint venture to strive to develop and maintain a high standard of dance sport in Southern Africa is an exciting development for our country. “These countries are great partners and this agreement exemplifies their dedication, desire to collaborate with and share NADSA’s vision of establishing a skills transference mechanism between participants, acquire funding and sponsorship for the development, to strive towards dance sport being included in the Zone 6 Games and All Africa Games.

Also, to establish better communication amongst national dance sport associations/ federations of each country.” The IDSF congratulated Namibia of having been granted official membership as country nr. 87 and highly complimented it on its effective methods and well prepared presentation.

The IDSF is the umbrella organization of dance sport worldwide and covers among others ballroom & Latin American dancing, hip hop, modern dancing, freestyle, belly dancing, rock ‘n roll or line dancing.

Mr Sietas addressed the assembly by explaining how to incorporate Africa in the Dance Sport World Scene, how to unify the different Dance Sport categories, unification of adjudicator’s criteria and education, work of the Membership Commission, IDSF and IOC (International Olympic Committee) and the organization of competitions between African countries with the objective to organize the first African Continental Championship.