Tsumeb brainstorms business ideas

AS part of public private dialogue (PPD) the Namibia Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI) in partnership with respective municipalities across Namibia continues to host Local Business Forums.

This particular meeting between local businesses and the municipality of Tsumeb was held in the old TCL Club main hall. The NCCI and the respective municipalities invite all local businesses to local business forums where they engaged municipal officials, government officials and NCCI representatives on issues affecting their business environments.

Issues that were raised and discussed were land acquisition, information provision, and preferential procurement, recognition, significance of the business community in the local economy, municipal regulations, certifications and registrations and business development services of incentives; a process known as public private dialogue.

The objective of PPD is to reach consensual decisions between the public and private sectors on the optimal mode of overall socioeconomic organisation which will create an enabling environment for business, and on specific, issue-related matters which may have a direct or indirect impact on the above.

The dialogue must move from being reactive to proactive (placing issues onto the agenda), and finally become interactive (a joint public/private instrument guiding national economic development). The Tsumeb meeting was well attended. Speakers were the Hon. Councillor Tobias, Nico Kaiyamo from the NCCI, the NCCI CEO, Tarah Shaanika and Mr Herald Richter who delivered a statement on behalf of the GTZ.

Mr Eckard Schleberger mention that there are three types of people, namely those who look at what is done, those who do something and those who wonder what happened. He appealed to people to let things happen in the community.

The overall feeling was that the present government provides a stable environment with good facilities, but there is a lack of urgency. Things take time to happen and it is difficult to get projects started. Tsumeb has a comparative advantage thanks to the copper available in the area. What Tsumeb needs are enterprisers and entrepreneurs.

There is always a need for investment. A call upon business is to ensure an optimistic look and service, to serve as an advertisement for the area. Customer care should receive urgent attention in Tsumeb.

A positive attitude and the way customers are treated can result in more investments in the area. Councillor Kaiya Shililifa-Awene, deputy mayor of Tsumeb, said: “It is the prime objective of the council to diversify the economy of Tsumeb and thereby minimize the dependency on mining. Hence the birth of the 2009 – 2013 Strategic Plan derived from a scoping study aimed at vigorously addressing economic growth, increasing ownership of the economy by locals, diversifying the economy and attracting more investors and the visitors and creating an enabling and conducive environment for all role-players. The study is finished, adopted and approved by our councillors. All that is left is ultimate implementation of it.”