Omankete Seafood Processors inaugurated

SEAWORK (Pty) Ltd and Omankete Investments (Pty) Ltd inaugurated Omankete Seafood Processors (Pty) Ltd in Walvis Bay, with the N$30 million value adding processing plant commencing operations two days ahead of the inauguration. Here high value hake fillets and portions are produced for selected markets in several European nations, Australia and the United States.

For Seawork and Omankete this hi-tech fish processing plant is a milestone in more ways than one. The processing plant employs state-of-the-art processing and individual quick freezing technology, yet also remains labour intensive so as to preserve and grow job creation.

Namibia?s Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Bernard Esau, officially opened the plant, saying that Omankete Seafood Processors has honoured the vision the Namibian Government has for the country?s fishing industry.

?As Government, we have always maintained that the achievements of our fishing industry should be measured in terms of value addition, job creation, socio-economic contributions, investments and the sustainability of our fisheries and marine resources,? the Minister said in his keynote address.

The opening was also attended by Namibia?s former Fisheries Minister, Dr. Abraham Iyambo as well as three other ministers in their capacities as stakeholders in Omankete Investments.

?Modern, advanced, designed and built by Namibians and 100% Namibian owned,? was the description given by the director of Omankete Seafood Processors by Director Peter Pahl.

?This plant not only celebrates Namibian innovation and ideas, but adds value and increases yields that will lead to higher profits from the same quota size. Omankete Seafood Processors can achieve this through a combination of using state of the art individually quick frozen (IQF) technology and manual skills of a trained and focused factory work force.

?Our fish is hand filleted. We do this because it is labour intensive and creates more jobs. It assures us a better yield and reduces wastage,? said Pahl.

The plant is a success story for Seawork and Omankete Investments which already formed an alliance in 2006. Omankete Investments is a consortium of nine Namibian fishing companies all committed to investing portions of their profits into social responsibility. On the business side the Seawork- Omankete synergy created more than 1 100 jobs and processed more than 120 million portions of fish since 2006.