Namibia represented at u/20 RWC

Namibia was one of the countries participating at the u/20 Rugby World Cup that was held in Chile. This is an annual event and two students of the Stellenbosch Rugby Academy, Petri Burger and Cornelis Labuschagne, were selected to represent Namibia.
It was great experience for the two young men to be part of such an event. The Stellenbosch Rugby Academy is very proud of the two students and the institution looking forward to having them back at the academy soon.
Petri shared the following:
"Our Namibian team actually performed well especially when one takes into consideration the big adjustment it was for us. Many flight days, which was great. New accommodations... A nice hotel. Weird and wonderful food (not meat like we as Namibians are used to!). Many hospitable people and beautiful women. Quite difficult to focus on just one thing... Rugby! But we tried our best.
The first two games we had to play in the rain on fields that were very wet and muddy. The last game agains Uruguay was bitterly cold, with snow on the mountians around us.
For us the whole competition was a great experience and as person, it taught me a lot. I hope I can do it again next year!"
The Namibian team's resulsts at the IRB Junior World Rugby Trophy were as follows:
Namibia 7, Italy 33
Namibia 17, Portugal 26
Namibia 21, Chile 23
Namibia 29, Uruguay 40