IPM takes people management seriously

WINDHOEK ? Fresh on the back of a recently successfully concluded IPM convention, Tim Ekandjo, Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer at MTC and Founder and President of the Institute of People Management of Namibia shares the resolutions that were taken at the convention. Following a successful threeday convention, IPM can yet claim another milestone in its one year history.

Established early in 2011, IPM Namibia has made great strides and already boasts a membership of over 100 individual and corporate members. ?We have taken a number of resolutions at the November 2011 IPM convention which will form part of our strategic objectives for 2012. Top of our agenda is to immediately start working on the formulation of a National Human Resource Management strategy for Namibia, something we still do not have,? Ekandjo said.

?For any country to succeed, there should be a national HR strategy which spells out how the country will address critical human capital development issues, and how it plans to respond to the challenges that we face as a country as far as various issues are concerned, including skills shortages. It is therefore of paramount importance that we finalize this document with the assistance of all relevant stakeholders. ?We have also tasked all IPM members to play a more active role in preparing graduates and university students by assisting them with the necessary work experience that they need.

We have adopted the slogan, ?Making every organization a training ground for students? which we plan to implement this year. ?Of paramount importance on our agenda is to sensitize key decision makers to review the membership composition of their Board of Directors to ensure that the majority of the boards have a professional HR representative that can advise on people development issues. We therefore implore the appointing authorities to seriously consider this recommendation.?

Ekandjo urged all HR professionals to maintain the integrity and professionalism of the profession. ?Recent reports of HR professionals being accused of including sexual favours as part of their criteria for assessing job suitability are embarrassing and reflect on all of us in the profession. We cannot allow this to continue and I urge applicants that are subjected to such behaviour to report such incidences to IPM Namibia who will deal with those individuals.?